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April 18, 2021

affiliate marketing

Today I'm going to show you how to grow a brand new affiliate marketing business from scratch. 

I remember when I first learn about affiliate marketing. I'd go from blog post to forum thread to understand how affiliate marketers actually worked. It was super confusing and frustrating.

And, In this no-nonsense guide I'll cut out all the noise and show you exactly how to start earning money from affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing Overview

What is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is as simple as helping a merchant to drive sales on the existing product by providing your honest reviews or recommendations. As the affiliates who advertise the sales, you'll earn commission once the purchases are completed.

For Example, Mallory is sharing her opinion on the best products and the best care for cats on her All About Cats’ channels ( website and youtube ).

All about cat

and, you can click on the amazon affiliates link to purchase directly from amazon, if you think the product is what you'll need. Affiliate marketing programs are designed to get marketers the resources they need and affiliates links to track down each of the sales made by their affiliate partners.

Now that you understand what affiliate marketing is, it's time for me to explain more about how to get started with it.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means sharing reviews and recommendations for a product, which you have actually helped to promote. That means you can share your honest opinion and sales of a product.

What is affiliate marketing

For example, I'm recommending The Intelligent Investor. You can buy it from Amazon, here. I have helped to promote this product for you to read the product reviews from a qualified professional.

This way, I will get commissions, once your first purchase is completed. You will see a reward on my referral link. Click here to view The Intelligent Investor affiliate link.

If you bought The Intelligent Investor after reading the product reviews, I earn $1 from your order. Here's the best part; you don't have to make any investment to earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is very affordable.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

How do I get started?

Your first step with Affiliate marketing is actually to through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. It's not necessary to find an expert affiliate platform in order to start your affiliate marketing journey.


For example, you can start your affiliate marketing from your laptop or your phone. Just join a few groups on Facebook to connect with people who share your interest, and you can also connect with them in groups. I often join a few Facebook groups for recipes, pets, arts and crafts, and education. 

When it comes to the affiliate marketing platform, I recommend using Clickbank for affiliate marketing. You can use Click Bank's powerful marketplace to start your affiliate marketing campaigns.

You know the old saying… "If you want to make money doing anything, just start." Well, in this guide, I'm going to show you exactly how to make a steady income with the most popular affiliate marketing programs on the market.

Are There Real People Who'll Be Helping You? As you may have noticed, the affiliate programs out there are filled with people promoting a product. But, if you're serious about getting started, you should run affiliate marketing using blog.

* Read the full article on Beginner Guide to Blogging

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

Next, The simple way to make money with affiliate marketing is to sign up for affiliate programs where they are selling their products and are a direct affiliate of your merchant. They have affiliate programs for just about every niche, whether it be entertainment, technology, or local businesses.

Here are a few affiliate marketing programs and who they work with: Amazon Affiliate Program Affiliate link with Amazon is the best place to start.

Amazon affiliate program

As their biggest affiliate program and the first one people come to, it makes it the best place to start. You'll be able to make money on your initial sales of products that you recommend to people.

In order to get started with affiliate marketing, once you're familiar with blogging, running an ads campaign with Facebook and Twitter. I'm going to assume that you are already a successful affiliate marketer. So, you've got at least $25 a month to spend on advertising.

You're already a traffic junkie who knows how to rank for keywords on major search engines. So, you already have the foundations to start generating traffic.

While affiliate marketing is only a small portion of your overall marketing budget, it is a very low-risk, high-reward way to add real value to your customers.


Affiliate marketing without a websiteOf course, you could continue with the free affiliate campaigns and review products for free using youtube channel. This will still bring value to your customers as they'll be informed, but it's unlikely that you will earn the same amount of sales.

Also, there are 2 types of ways to promote affiliate marketing.

  • Paid Ads - Google AdWords, Facebook ads
  • Content - Blog, Podcast, Videos 

Paid Ads type of affiliate marketing is the type that people will use when they are just starting out and don't know much about the online marketing world. Affiliate marketers run attractive ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook ads with the goal of the viewer clicking the affiliate links.

You can even create free landing page to close deals with the help of email marketing services like Aweber.

I prefer this type of affiliate marketing because it requires minimal skills and knowledge.

this is why im broke

Content-type of promotion such as on Blog, Podcast, and Videos can refer as Involved Affiliate Marketing.

  • Content sites
  • Review sites
  • News & Media Sites
  • Coupon Sites

You've used a product or service, have a strong belief in it, and would personally recommend it to your target audience on your online channels. Using Content Marketing to write article and copywriting scripts is more suitable for people who own their own blogs and web pages.

With the additional free sources of google traffic when your blog are optimized for search engine optimization(SEO). and, Sales funnel to sell specify product using conversion focus sale page.

Unbounce, Leadpages and Groovefunnels are suitable for beginners. Sale funnel provider help to create to optimized pages to collect leads and close sales.

Choosing the Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Finally, Using the internet, you can begin to build your personal affiliate marketing website or if you're ready for the big leagues, you can sign up with the top affiliate marketing programs.


#1. Focus on Quality Content Content creation is king. And, the more niche the niche, the better. Make sure you're writing quality content that is useful to your readers.

#2. Be A Data Sucker, Most affiliate programs don't offer you too many details about how you earn your money. But, if you follow the affiliate marketing tips above, you'll learn how to make the most from affiliate marketing.

#3. Learn the masterclass from Fiverr on Become A Content Marketing Specialist.

These courses are available on fiverr and can be completed by anyone with the desire to learn :

Affiliate Marketing is a popular strategy to spread online marketing for merchants who desire a repeat and continuous sale, and those who aren’t comfortable going the more traditional marketing route. 

Affiliate marketing is a preferred method of receiving income as it eliminates the middleman by allowing you to be a lot closer to the customer while earning some cash as well. 

What we offer is a very unique way to acquire new customers who may not ordinarily be interested in purchasing a product. 

What do you think of affiliate marketing? Leave us a comment below.

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